And the potty training saga continues....
I tried to hide out from the kids in the closet, but they found me and overpowered me.
We tried to keep Daphne off the streets for as long as possible, but she found a tricycle and hit the road.
Daphne is flashing a preschool gang sign to call in reinforcements lest anyone try to touch her chocolate cake.
Daphne and Mommy don't have as many bonding moments since she hit the terrible threes (early) so I take what I can get.
We gave bibs a
try, but then we
just went straight for the white-trash version--a naked chest.
Kaden's birthday.  Everyone got in on the action.  Beck was especially interested in the matches Dan was using.  Daphne--cake, Beck--matches.
Beck likes
to help Mommy empty
the dishwasher.  His method includes sipping on all the cups and then throwing them on the floor.
Daphne spent a
lot of time on the potty the first couple of weeks.  She had to take a few meals there, in fact.
She used princess pull-ups for a few days.  She couldn't believe her luck when she saw Cinderella on herself
After a few days of successful pull-ups, we moved on to Dora big-girl panties.  Daphne was so happy she broke out The Robot.