Potty training
has begun!  And Daphne doesn't
mind the potty at all...as long as she's got some light reading to pass
the time.
Although this
picture of Beck
isn't too great, and it's borderline attrocious for me, it's one of the few where I'm actually IN
the picture. 
The shower didn't go over so well
with Beck and Jasper.  If you can't tell, they're both screaming bloody murder!
the bath was
much more agreeable for
all those
In early March we took a week to visit Jennie and her family in Texas.   It was a crazy trip, but we had a great time!
I even got these darling close-ups of Ada and Beck.  Daphne was too busy playing her horn to look up.
The Austin Zoo is a small, privately owned zoo in the middle of nowhere.  But just the right size for toddlers. 
We ditched
Beck for a day and
took Daphne on a super long, horrible drive to
San Antonio Sea World.  Fortunately she loved it.  We heard nothing but "Shamu Whale!"
for days
One of the
great things about
Sea World was that
there was plenty to do when Daphne got bored of looking at sea creatures (as if).   Really it was
just a chance for
Mommy and Daddy
to rest.
She played in
the sand pit wth
other kids, and she rode on every single ride that she was big enough to go on.  She wasn't scared on
any of them.
There was a
jungle gym for kids
with all kinds of scary
contraptions like this rope web, tunnels, big slides, and a kid-sized
pirate ship.  And
Daphne tried them
ALL out.

Then the kids wore Daphne out some more.   Oh, who am I kidding.  SHE wore THEM out!
And finally, it was time to go back home.   At least for the return trip, I had Kelly to help me manage the kids.  They did pretty darn well!
Daphne's teen years seem to
be starting early as she has just discovered
the iPod.
The kids had a great time dying Easter eggs.  Daphne could not be satisfied until she had tried all the colors.  Even Beck got in on the action.  And he tried drinking the dye.  Yum yum! 
And on Easter morning, they couldn't believe that someone was giving them a basket full of candy!
Kelly and I made a short getaway to Las Vegas for my birthday.  We stayed in an amazing hotel called the Signature Suites at the MGM.  We ate well, slept well, and we both got to do our favorite activities:  Kelly golfed while I sat at the pool and surfed the net.   Heaven!  We also got to meet my cousin Erik's new baby, Alyssa.
Finally, Daphne and I ended the long month of March by making silly faces for the camera.  Priceless.